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Sik Bo is one of the oldest East Asian games, the name of which translates as a pair of dice. Contrary to this, three dice are used to determine the results, and the task of the person becomes predicting the final score. In its essence, Sic Bo is similar to the classic roulette, but instead of a wheel with a ball set of dice is used.

Description and features of the game Sic Bo

Live Sic Bo LuckyDays remotely resembles roulette – conducted on a table with fields, each of which corresponds to a certain bet. The winning combination is determined by three dice with printed on the facets of the points. The dealer throws the dice, and then counts the points and determines the size of payments to the winners. Table in the Sic Bo is very clear, so to understand it is not difficult even for beginners. The amount of reward depends on the type of bet made.

In Live video games, the field is most often presented only electronically. The task of the participants is to predict the result, which will fall on three hexagonal dice. The dealer announces the beginning or end of the betting period and starts the machine with a glass dome, where the dice are tossed with a vibrating base. Once the round is completed, payouts are automatically credited to participants’ accounts. When determining the amount of winnings, multipliers can be added to the betting area to increase the amount of prizes.

The rules of the game

Regardless of whether the party takes place in a land-based institution or an online casino, players make bets before rolling the dice. To do this, you need to put a certain number of chips in the field on the table, corresponding to a particular prediction. There are quite a few betting options.

In online Sic Bo LuckyDays there is no limit on the maximum number of bets. The user can make as many predictions as he likes.

Rolling the dice is carried out by a special machine, if the party is held in Live mode. In slots, the results determines the random number generator.

After summarizing the results paid to the players, again starts taking bets.

Game strategies

Sic Bo is based on the theory of probability. For this reason, the discipline applies different mathematical strategies.

Tactics in Sic Bo is accepted to be divided according to the degree of risk. The probability of coincidences directly affects the size of payouts – categories where the odds with the casino are almost equal, bring the most insignificant winnings. A low-risk strategy involves simple bets on more/less or even/odd. Payouts on these combinations occur frequently.

The medium-risk strategy uses combo bets, where a participant chooses several numbers and adds a two-cube combination to them. The goal of the method is to minimize losses. Advanced players bet on at least 4 numbers at once to make up for losses. High rollers prefer high-risk strategies and choose to bet when it is necessary to guess the number on all three dice. The probability of such an outcome is minuscule, but if successful, a person will receive the maximum possible prize in Sic Bo app LuckyDays.

Unequal gambling

This is essentially a game of chance that does not care about equality. Since the odds are not equal, it is possible to take advantage of volatility. For this reason, many players have been intrigued by the prospects it seems to offer.

In general, strategies at Sic Bo can be divided into two categories:

  • Conservative. Assume a low level of risk, as all predictions are made on outcomes with 1-to-1 payoffs. The chances of success here are close to 50%, n the effect of variance on the result is minimized. In this case, you can make no more than one bet at a time.
  • Aggressive. Suitable for more risky players. The forecast can be made for several outcomes at once. At least one of them must have a high payout ratio. The others are made for the purpose of insurance in case of failure with the first bet.
  • Sic Bo can be found in the online casino LuckyDays both in the slots section and in the category of games with live dealers.
  • For a quick search, you can use the filter by name. It is also not uncommon for review Sic Bo LuckyDays to be placed in the provider’s lobby along with other disciplines.

How to win at Sic Bo?

All competitions must have a winner when it reaches the end of the line. Unless you are willing to concede to the competition, it is always important to consider what it takes for a person to win. That way, when you find yourself in the middle of the action, you can rely on the innate knowledge you’ve gained throughout your life.

Experience is more important than many people think

First of all, it seems that the most important factor in success when it comes to gambling will be the level of experience to play Sic Bo LuckyDays. As their level of experience continues to grow, the quality of the bets they make increases as they do. Thus, as you develop your own experience, you will feel that it has been easier to make good decisions.

To improve your game, it is advisable to practice intentionally

On top of that, to maximize practice time, it’s important to practice with intention. By not concentrating on your own, you are simply spending time with minimal effort. The more focused you can focus your time during practice, the better your results will be, as additional willpower will be put in.

When the dice are rolled on the table, chance is the deciding arbiter. Since the game depends on luck, there are many things you can do to maximize your chances of walking away with a huge jackpot at LuckyDays Sic Bo Australia. On the other hand, senselessly admitting defeat won’t do you any good. As long as you are aware of its limitations, putting effort into developing such an approach will not be pointless.

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Sic Bo tips and tricks

There are a few tricks you may like. Once you learn how to use them, you can pull them out of your sleeve as soon as the moment is right. At that moment, your intuitive decision will be guided by nothing less than intuition. However, from the perspective of the house, you will sweep the table like no one else. If it sounds appealing, and the following information will be absolutely delightful. As long as you’re ready to experience new horizons, this game has something to offer you that no one has yet repeated.


The result of the game Sic Bo depends on the value of the dice. The entertainment has Sic Bo bonus LuckyDays, but it is possible to spend money received from the site as part of the promo. Some versions of the slots have a mini-game for doubling.

Not all bets have an equal chance of winning

Most importantly, when you place your bets, you must know the odds of winning that bet. Otherwise, you will be placing your money without knowing how it will perform. In other words, it would be better if you took some time to learn the rules of the game.

As the odds of winning increase, the payout decreases accordingly

To maximize your earnings, you need to Sic Bo no deposit bonus LuckyDays on the places with the highest payouts. In other words, you will have to take more risk than would be necessary.

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