If you want the ultimate blackjack experience but don’t want to visit a regular casino, try Live Blackjack at Lucky Days. The beauty of Lucky Days live blackjack AU is that a real dealer will be playing with you in front of your eyes via HD streaming. You can communicate with him within appropriate limits, and you really get the feeling of sitting at a real blackjack table. You can see your chips and cards from different camera angles and get the same betting options as in a land-based casino.

And the best part is that it all happens in reality, the moment you join the game, and you’re not playing against a computer but against a real person. You could say this game is even better. The peculiarity of the games is that they are often accompanied by Lucky Days live blackjack bonus, promotions, tournaments, and even progressive jackpot bets. This is something you rarely get in land-based casinos. And this is the reason why more and more players like to play live blackjack rather than any other version.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live blackjack at Lucky Days

When you choose Lucky Days, you’re choosing the best service among many online casinos. Also, before Lucky Days live blackjack sign up, you can check online blackjack casinos for some criteria:

  • valid online casino licenses;
  • good customer service;
  • payment methods;
  • Blackjack version for a mobile device;
  • table limitations for live blackjack;
  • Live blackjack providers.

How Live Blackjack Works

The biggest innovation in the online casino industry in recent years has been the emergence of online casinos with “live dealers.” In the past, players would let the computer play their hands in blackjack or spin the roulette wheel. Now these days, people want a more traditional casino experience, so companies have introduced “live dealer” technology. Lucky Days live blackjack terms are very forgiving.

Players can communicate with dealers in real-time through a chat interface, and they can tip the dealer, just like in a regular casino. If you want to see a dealer in action in real-time, watch the video on YouTube – you’ll see how they interact with players and that everything happens automatically. So what are the basic steps when you start playing Live Blackjack at Lucky Days:

  • First, remember to sign up for an online casino account.
  • Then Lucky Days live blackjack login.
  • Choose your favorite live dealer game or just a live dealer game that strikes your fancy.
  • Open the game, and you’ll see a game menu and a chat window.
  • You can talk to the dealer using the chat window. Don’t forget to be polite!
  • To play, use the buttons in the game. For example, to play blackjack, select “hit”.
  • Any winnings will be credited to your balance and your account.

As the Internet plays a huge role in people’s daily lives, more and more gambling companies decide to take advantage of the many opportunities it gives them; Lucky Days is no exception. Nowadays, almost all reputable casinos can be found online, and in most cases, their website has been designed for mobile devices as well.

Advantages of Live Casino

Lucky Days live dealer gaming was one of the latest developments, and it has evolved rapidly since then. This sector is more developed than many other types of casino games. And having a casino with a live dealer when compared to a regular game gives the player special advantages:

  • The realistic process is the main advantage of live dealer games over similar versions of the software. Live dealer games are actually broadcast in real-time.
  • Realistic pace – the pace of card dealing is the same as in a real casino. Many people appreciate this pattern. And for those who prefer more options, accelerated gaming studios have already been created.
  • The sense of presence – Live Blackjack is a good choice for those who want to fully experience the world of the game. It is the atmosphere of a real gambling establishment. In a live casino, participants can hear the sounds of the cards or the spinning of the wheels and see a real gaming table, making them feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Maximum details – although studios with live games appeared only recently, the quality of broadcasting has improved significantly in recent years. Operators use equipment to shoot with maximum resolution. Different cameras provide different angles of view: focus on the table, on the face or hands of the dealer, on the information fields. More recently, games with elements of slow motion and replays have appeared: a separate camera in slow motion shows how the dealer’s hands open the cards. This maximum detail gives a great immersion in the game.
  • Real communication – interacting with real croupiers and interacting with them makes the process as realistic as possible. Participants appreciate the communication in the gaming studios but, for one reason or another, can not visit the land-based institutions.
  • Real croupiers – Fans of physical casinos are more likely to say that the experience and interaction with croupiers are among the benefits of casinos. A live dealer makes the game, unlike many online games.
  • Complete accessibility – as with most online casino games, the live dealer game can be run at any time of day. Studios are filmed around the clock, with dealers and camera crews working in shifts. When the desire to play arises, the player is separated from the realization for a couple of seconds.
  • No dress code is a huge advantage over a real casino: you can play in any clothes, at home, or even on the beach. No one sees the player, and he maintains full confidentiality, although he sees absolutely everything that happens at the gaming table.
  • Events are determined by chance – fans of the real game especially appreciate this advantage: live games do not use number generators. Here everything is determined by real chance, just like in a regular casino.

Since it is one of the most expensive versions of the game, in addition to the software involves real dealers who are professionally trained. And the game is played from an expensive, well-equipped studio or a real casino. The broadcast often uses cameras from different vantage points. There are absolutely no fake online games at the moment. Also, a big plus, you get in Lucky Days live welcome blackjack bonus.