crazy time logoThe wildest TV course at the online casino!

What is Crazy Time?

The game play Crazy Time Lucky Days in a conditional TV show. If you add the fact that its main attraction remains the wheel of fortune, you can associate its form with the popular TV tournament, broadcast mostly in the 1990s.

Well, and unfortunately, that would be invalid because, in fact, the wheel itself is where all the similarities end.

Lucky Days Crazy Time live casino takes you to a spacious and colorful studio. You will immediately notice the giant wheel of fortune connected to the slot machine.

You’ll find the game in the live Lucky Days Crazy Time casino Australia section, which means that it takes place in real-time.

So it is run by a real person and broadcast for you. You can really feel like a quiz bowl participant.

What is the Lucky Days Crazy Time game itself? It’s not complicated, so don’t expect to have to go through a long list of rules first.

The host (or hostess) is in charge of the game – he or she not only spins the wheel but also triggers the bonus games.

Your task, of course, is to place your bets! This time you’re betting on numbers: 1, 2, 5, or 10.

These numbers appear on the wheel in groups of five, and then a single box appears, denoting one of the four bonus games.

If your bet turns out to be a winning one, you get your original bet multiplied by the number you bet.

How do I play Crazy Time?

At the very beginning, once you’re in the studio, at the bottom of the screen, you can set your bet value and choose any of 8 betting options (either four numbers or four bonus rounds).

Interestingly, you have to choose at least one option, but there are no upper limits, and you can even win extra prizes, such as playing all the numbers or all the bonus rounds.

Later, the main round will begin. It will spin not only the wheel of fortune but also the slot machine at the very top.

The machine will draw multipliers, which, if any of your choices fall on the wheel, will activate and increase your prize.

If the numbers are drawn on the wheel, prizes will be paid to everyone whose bets turn out to be winning (taking into account the multipliers).

If, on the other hand, a bonus is played, you will either be a participant in the bonus game (if you bet on that bonus round) or a spectator (if you did not bet).

Below, we take a closer look at the different bonus rounds:

  • Coin Flip

This is probably the least difficult of all the bonus rounds. The coin toss determines the multiplier.

A coin with blue and red sides is flipped, and meanwhile, random multipliers for each color are generated.

The side of the coin tossed will, of course, be the multiplier by which the winnings are multiplied.

  • Hunt for Cash

In this game, you have to turn into a hunter. On the screen will appear a shooting gallery with 108 fields (under each of them is a hidden random multiplier).

The player has to choose a target and, after a while, shoot it with the cannon. This is a uniquely interactive round, as each player admitted to this round chooses his or her own target.

  • Pachinko

This game has a wall with lots of pegs. The game host releases the puck, and the peg it ends up landing on determines the multiplier.

If the puck stops on DOUBLE, all multipliers at the bottom of the wall are doubled, and the whole draw procedure is repeated (until a certain multiplier is hit or the 10,000 times limit is exceeded).

  • Playing Big Crazy Time

Before the start of the round, you choose any of the three colored flaps.

The game master sets the giant wheel in motion by pressing a special red button. A multiplier is drawn.

However, this time the DOUBLE or TRIPLE fields can also be drawn – the multiplier values are multiplied by 2x or 3x, respectively.

Then the wheel spins again (maximum 20,000x).

Crazy Time – Payouts

There is nothing complicated about the withdrawal itself. Funds are credited to your game balance as soon as the host plays the field in the main game.

This is, of course, provided that your bet was a winning one.

With bonus games, on the other hand, you have to wait until the end of each round to get a possible payout, but you shouldn’t complain because participating in them means you have a chance to win a lot.

Crazy Time

Mad Time Strategy

While the game doesn’t seem very difficult, it’s well worth preparing for.

Already in the main game, you will probably notice that certain betting options appear on the wheel more often.

Thus, in each group of five numbers, numbers 1, 2, and 5 appear much more frequently than 10.

This means that the probability of winning is higher if you don’t bet on 10.

However, on the other hand, it will result in fewer winnings because if you win, your bet will be multiplied by the number you previously bet on.

In the case of bonus rounds, they will fall out on the wheel of fortune much less often than the numbers. However, on the other hand, they can bring gigantic winnings.

It is also worth noting that in the case of bonus games, it is already a bit more difficult to be strategic since most of the options here are generated completely at random.

So from the very beginning, think carefully about what Lucky Days Crazy Time strategy you want to pursue. Remember also that while it may be tempting to bet on all the numbers or bonus games, it will come at a high cost.

Graphics and Sound

The audiovisual side of this game has been exceptionally polished.

There’s color everywhere, and the variety of bonus game screens should also delight players.

At first, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the sounds and colors, but it won’t be long before the feeling of dread is completely gone.

I guess that’s what happens in quiz games – participants need to get used to the studio first.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you’re sitting at home in front of your computer rather than participating in a big game in the studio, side by side with the host.

Crazy Time is a game that’s sure to guarantee you the craziness of the same name.

Your head will hurt from the many multipliers in four different bonus rounds.

You’ll also appreciate the execution of the game itself. The graphics and sounds have really been improved.

Crazy Time is definitely an option for all fans of interactive games. Try Lucky Days Crazy Time app.

It can also be a good game for the very beginning of your live Lucky Days Crazy Time casino adventure because although it is quite complex, the game itself is not difficult, not requiring knowledge of many combinations or rules (as is sometimes the case with table games).